Refugees Mapping Memories: Creative Recovery Exhibition

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Opening Night of Creative Recovery Exhibition of work titled: Refugees Mapping Memories on the 20th of June 2019 at 5pm (till 8pm). The event is part of the national Refugee Week events.

The exhibition will showcase the work of 12 wonderful people from the Refugee and Asylum Seeker communities in Plymouth who have been working alongside Dr Sana Murrani and her research team on an experimental journey of participatory mapping of memories of home and homeland. Mapping informal journeys of people’s history and memories is elemental in the process of spatially translating cultures but more so in the healing and recovery stage from the trauma they have endured. While there has been extensive research on home-making practices and spatial makeup of camps and other spaces of transit, connections were yet to be made between home-making practices that migrated with refugees and were manifested in their countries of origin, in places of transit, and in diaspora. A study that reveals the migrating home-making practices contributes to the fields of design and architecture in the context of transnational geographies.

The project, in partnership with the British Red Cross, is funded by the European Cultural Foundation. We were fortunate also to be funded by the Sustainable Earth Institute Creative Associate 2019 scheme. The contribution of photojournalist Carey Marks (our Creative Associate) has been instrumental in making the project more personal to each of the 12 protagonists.

The Opening Night will showcase the maps alongside the portraits of the participants. We will hold an Open Conversation with all the participants on the same night too. Please join us!

Please register your attendance.

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