Re-thinking Post Recovery Space: Strategies around Post-conflict Space and Displacement


As part of the Displacement Studies Research Network, I’m organising this event where I will be talking about the findings from Creative Recovery project.

Oscillating between trauma, memory and healing, this event presents alternative and participatory practices to construct new forms for a Post Recovery Space. We aim for new paradigms by linking research in practice to imagination of post-trauma spaces, and by addressing conflict, trauma and displacement through re-examining space, place, locality and community creatively and beyond socio-political concerns.

Through a series of talks from creative researchers and practitioners in the design, film, and development, we will speculate and negotiate on how urban space, design thinking, creative and inclusive mental practices as much as filmic participation, contribute to strengthening the physical and mental wellbeing of people recovering from conflict. We hereby focus on thinking recovery, trauma and healing through the therapeutic dimension of creative practice by expanding – not replacing – the theoretical research on displacement, the organisational expertise and support on the ground in zones of conflict.

Details about the event can be found here.

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